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Our map project

This happened at 3am when a friend and I were just talking about places we wanted to go.

The map was clean before we started this. We took it over!


For each of us, one color is where we’ve been and another is where we would like to go…. We kinda ran out of one color. While we know which is which, the map turned into a really colorful piece of work.


We want to put pictures up tied to where they correlate to, I guess justify why we want to go there. That photo will come when we complete it.

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My nails survived the rockwall

Over Thanksgiving break my mom and I painted my nails. My nails never go more than a day without getting at least some chips. Last night I expected them to get chipped up like crazy since I was to work at the rockwall. But SURPRISE! My nails don’t look have bad. One nail looks terrible, but the others are holding together nicely.

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Plume in the sky

I decided to drive back to school on Monday morning instead of Sunday night. More than 40 miles out-of-town I noticed what looked to be a very low-lying plume of smoke, steam, or even just a low-lying cloud. Once I arrived in town I found out it was steam rising off the lake that had frozen over rapidly over the weekend. The plume was most likely so visible due to the intense clear blue sky. Here are a few shots of what I saw when I got to town.

Steam rising off the frozen lake.

This is the part of the plume I could see more than 40 miles away.

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Icy Morning

This is what I woke up to. So beautiful.

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The Sun is Back!

I don’t think we’ve seen the sun, full and bright, for at least a week! It is so wonderful to see!


While I love seeing the sun, all week I have been desperate to get out of Bemidji. I go to Minneapolis this weekend, and I’ll be in Wisconsin for Thanksgiving, but I’m really desperate to get out of the country again. My European tour gave me the travel bug. I want to go on some unicycling, rock climbing, hiking, canyoneering (never even tried canyoneering) adventure trip. Mainly I want to be in a different country doing this. Which I don’t really care. I just wanna go! I think all the climbing I’ve done at the rock wall recently, where I’m learning to crack climb (I lead the crack last night! :D), gives me the bug to make it and adventure trip, but I just really want to go somewhere new and exciting.

But I do have school to finish up. And I believe I will be changing my major again. This means I’ll be here for a bit longer, I don’t hate Bemidji that much to not stay, but it at least means that when I graduate I’ll be proud of my degree. And I’ll come out with practical career skills. It’ll be worth it.

Until that day, where is a taste of what I would love to do again. Just multiple this by like 100. 😉

Hiking in the Swiss Alps

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Your interpretation…

A friend of mine from the rock wall and I had some fun trying to figure out how to do this. Proud to say I can still do the splits!

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Rainy Day Fun!

Having some fun in the Rain!

Jumping in a puddle

Leaves in a puddle

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An eerie but beautiful morning where I live

Enjoying the gray skies and green looking water this morning from the Geography project room at university.

Lake Bemidji, MN

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